What is Hiba Abouk Age

Hiba Abouk Age – How Old is Achraf Hakimi’s Wife?

Hiba Abouk is widely regarded as one of the most stunning actresses in the industry. She is the beautiful wife of Paris Saint-Germain star player Achraf Hakimi.

They got married in 2022, two years after they met. Hakimi, who is now 24, had a son called Amin that year and another boy in 2022.

Hiba, who was also born in Madrid in 1986, is an actress of Tunisian and Libyan descent. In October of last year, she was on the cover of Vogue Arabia with Hakimi.

The beautiful actress is best known for her role as Fatima in the popular TV show El Principe. She’s the youngest of four children. Hiba speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic well.

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Habi’s career took off when she starred in the comedy series La Isla De Los Nominados on the TV network Cuatro in 2010.

The next year, she was chosen for a Spanish version of Cheers. But she didn’t become well-known until 2014 when she made her first appearance in El Principe, a crime drama show that more than five million people watched.

In the same year, Hiba was given the Women’s Beauty Icon award at the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards. However, do you know how old Hiba Abouk is? If not, keep reading because we talk about it just ahead.

Hiba Abouk Age

Hiba Abouk was born on October 30, 1986. This makes her 36 years old right now. Hiba met Hakimi for the first time in July 2018, when the PSG star was still playing for Dortmund.

Before she moved from Madrid, she was in a long-distance relationship. In a private ceremony in 2020, the pair said their vows. Hiba and Hakimi both have two kids.

The birth of their first child, Amin, occurred in February 2020. Hiba and Hakimi’s family grew in 2022 when they had their second kid.

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