Gia Kim Age

Gia Kim Age: How Old is the Model and Yuri Actress?

What is known about Gia Kim, from her age and Instagram to her prior appearances, before she assumes the character of Yuri in Netflix’s XO Kitty series? As the streaming service has continued to increase its ever-expanding video catalog, Netflix has evolved into the ideal testing ground for many aspiring performers.

XO, Kitty, a spin-off from the popular To All The Boys series, is the most recent show released on the streaming service. Gia Kim plays Yuri and is one of many new faces to star in their first significant roles. One of several important characters in XO, Kitty, is Yuri Han.

She has affluent parents, including the principal of the school, Jina Lim, and is a popular social media personality. Kitty Song Covey immediately develops a dislike for Yuri when the series first starts when she arrives at her new school in Seoul, South Korea, since the social media star appears to be datng Dae, Kitty’s boyfriend.

As the episodes go on, though, Kitty comes to understand that Dae and Yuri’s relationship is a lie since he is just pretending to be Yuri’s boyfriend to hide the fact that he is gay and is in love with her best friend Juliana, which is against the severe rules of her conservative parents.

The dynamic between Kitty and Yuri, which was already tricky, becomes even more confusing when Kitty starts to feel attracted to her old competitor when Yuri looks after her after she passes out at a party.

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How Old is XO Kitty’s Yuri Actress Gia Kim?

Gia Kim Age
Gia Kim Age

South Korean-American actress Gia Kim will play Yuri in the movie XO. Gia Kim was born in Seoul on April 29, 1994. As of the release of XO, Kitty, in May 2023, she will be 29 years old. She currently resides in Los Angeles and is a citizen of both the US and South Korea.

Like the majority of performers in today’s industry, Gia Kim is quite active on social media, especially Instagram, where she posts behind-the-scenes photos from her career and personal life to a following that currently stands at over 338,000 and has increased significantly since her debut of the series.

Amazingly, XO, Kitty marks Gia Kim’s second acting gig on a professional level. The actress previously appeared in the 2021 short film Happy Ending, which marked her acting debut. Even though Gia Kim may only be beginning her acting career, we’re confident we’ll see her back on our screens soon.

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