French Actor And Mime Marcel Marceau Dies At 84

French Actor And Mime Marcel Marceau Dies At 84

There is widespread interest in the circumstances surrounding Marcel Marceau’s passing. This page provides details regarding the death of Marcel Marceau, a French actor and mime artist best known for his stage persona, Bip the Clown.

Something About Marcel Marceau

After nearly sixty years on stage, famed French actor and mime artist Marcel Marceau passed away. He was born Marcel Mangel on March 22, 1923, but everyone knew him as “Bip the Clown.” For Marceau, mime was an “art of silence,” and he was a master of that art form.

Marceau, who is Jewish, had to go into hiding as a teenager during World War II to avoid being persecuted by the Nazis. Furthermore, he assisted the French Resistance in saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. Marceau showed tremendous fortitude during the war, and after the August liberation of Paris, he performed for three thousand soldiers.

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After World War II, Marceau returned to Paris to pursue his interest in performance by attending classes in drama and mime. His one-of-a-kind approach rapidly made him famous, and his performances captivated people all over the world.

Through his many performances, Marceau became known as a great master of mime and received admiration from throughout the world. Artists of the future still look up to him and take inspiration from his work. The Marcel Marceau performance tweets are provided down below for your viewing pleasure.

 The Master of Mime , Marcel Marceau Died at the Age of 84

In his 84th year, Marcel Marceau, the master of mime who gave the silent performance a whole new dimension, passed away. French media reported his death on Saturday, with his former aide Emmanuel Vacca breaking the news on France-Info radio.

Vacca did not specify what caused his death. Marceau portrayed the whole range of human emotions through his legendary character Bip, enthralling audiences worldwide for over half a century without uttering a word. Bip was easily recognizable by his white face paint, soft slippers, and a battered hat decorated with a red flower.

Marceau was notoriously quiet on stage, but he would crack jokes and talk shop backstage “Never try to converse with a mime. This man just won’t quit.” Marceau, a Jew born in France, lived through the Holocaust and even helped shelter Jewish children while serving in the French resistance.

French Actor And Mime Marcel Marceau Dies At 84
French Actor And Mime Marcel Marceau Dies At 84

What is The Marcel Marceau’s Cause of Death?

On Saturday, 84-year-old Marcel Marceau, the legendary French mime performer who brought attention to the silent art form for the first time in seven decades, died in Paris. The cause of his death was not disclosed, although it was confirmed by his former assistant Emmanuel Vacca.

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon paid tribute to Marceau the day after his death, calling him “the maestro” and praising his ability to reach audiences worldwide regardless of their language skills. With a career spanning more than 50 years and more than 15,000 performances, Marceau kept on performing till the end.

Several of his performances featured his iconic character Bip, whom he developed early in his career and who became an instant hit with audiences. According to Annette Bercut Lust, author of “From the Greek Mimes to Marcel Marceau and Beyond,” while Marceau’s tutor, French mime master Etienne Decroux, revolutionized mime for modern theater and performers, he made it accessible to and popular with audiences around the world.

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