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Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund’s Son Rhodes – Everything You Need to Know

Emma Roberts became a mother on December 27, 2020, when she gave birth to son Rhodes Robert Hedlund, now 2 years old, with ex-husband Garrett Hedlund. The couple declared their pregnancy on Instagram in August 2020.

Shortly after celebrating Rhodes’ first birthday in January 2022, however, sources confirmed that Roberts and Hedlund had parted ways. “It’s sad, and they are trying their best to co-parent. It’s been hard,” a source shared at the time.

Roberts and Hedlund may face difficulties in co-parenting, but they appear to be on excellent terms. The actress and Rhodes appear in a segment honoring mothers at the conclusion of Hedlund’s May 2023 music video for his song “Day One.”

Emma Roberts with Garrett Hedlund
Emma Roberts with Garrett Hedlund

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Roberts expressed satisfaction with her life as a new mother in January 2022. She said –

“I’m at a place where I can say I may not have got everything right but I like who I am more than I ever have.”

“My life has changed more in the past two years than it did in the 28 years beforehand, and I love where I’m standing now at the age of 30.”

Roberts admits that being a working mom may be “really hard.” She told sources in January 2023 –

“I just see it from such a new perspective now.”

“Being a mom is a full-time job, so I see how for women who have full-time jobs and [are] full-time moms, it’s so hard, and I have so much respect for them.”

She intends for Rhodes to become a “respectful and intelligent” gentleman who can “ask or tell” her anything. She told Tatler

“What it means to be a man is being rewritten right now.”

“I hope my contribution to the world can be raising an amazing boy who turns into an amazing man.”

As of June 2023, Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are still working together as joint parents for their son Rhodes. For the sake of their son, they have been able to maintain a civil relationship, and they are devoted to raising him in a loving and supportive environment.

While the future of Roberts and Hedlund’s relationship remains uncertain, the two are currently focused on being the best parents they can be for their son, Rhodes.

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