Christine Dawood Net Worth

Christine Dawood Net Worth: How Did She Build Her Empire?

Christine Dawood is the wife of businessman, philanthropist, and investor Shahzada Dawood. In addition, Dawood is a member of the Dawood Foundation’s board of trustees. Dawood represented the Dawood Foundation from November 2018 to September 2021 before joining the board of trustees. Dawood has garnered significant experience working at several firms throughout her career.

Christine Dawood is known as the late Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood’s wife. Shahzada Dawood tragically dἰed in a submersible accident while on a tourism assignment. Please keep reading if you want to know Christine Dawood’s net worth in 2023.

Christine Dawood Net Worth 2023

Christine Dawood’s net worth has not been made public. Her husband, Shahzada Dawood, on the other hand, is expected to have a net worth of more than $250-300 million USD in 2023. Christine is the executive coach and CEO of Next Step Now Ltd, a company that delivers coaching and mentoring services to individuals and companies.

Christine Dawood is also a trustee for The Dawood Foundation, a non-profit promoting Pakistan’s educational, healthcare, and social development activities. She is also a member of the Global Advisory Board for Prince’s Trust International, a humanitarian organization dedicated to empowering young people worldwide to succeed.

Christine Dawood Net Worth
Christine Dawood’s Net Worth
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Christine Dawood Early Career

Christine Dawood began her career in the textile sector, working for several companies in Germany, France, and Pakistan. She then established her own commercially successful organic agriculture business in Punjab, Pakistan. She also became involved in her husband’s family business, the vice chairman of Engro Corporation, one of Pakistan’s major conglomerates.

Christine is the executive coach and CEO of Next Step Now Ltd, a company that offers coaching and mentoring to individuals and businesses. She also serves on the board of The Dawood Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes education, health, and social development efforts in Pakistan. She also serves on the Global Advisory Board of Prince’s Trust International, a nonprofit that assists young people worldwide in achieving success.

Christine is enthusiastic about both studying and writing. She has written numerous articles and blogs on leadership, family business, coaching, and personal development. She is also writing her first book about her experiences as a family company insider.

What Does Christine Dawood Do?

Christine began her professional career as a trainee at GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof GmbH in 1992, where she received retail sales training. She worked in retail for two years and ten months to hone her skills. Christine continued her apprenticeship as an interior decorator at Raumausstattung Neuman in Rosenheim, Germany, from 1995 to 1998.

This experience taught her how to design both aesthetically beautiful and functional spaces. Christine took a giant stride forward in 2004 when she established her company, Imhotep Organics Pte Ltd, as CEO and Founder. She headed the company for six years, focusing on organic products and encouraging sustainable methods.

Facts About Christine Dawood

  • She speaks four languages: German, English, French, and Urdu.
  • She loves photography, especially wildlife photography.
  • She enjoys reading science fiction books.
  • Christine Dawood is active on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Christine Dawood is 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) and weighs 78 kg (171 lbs). She has brown eyes and blonde hair.
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