Are Shayne And Chloe Still Together

After ‘Perfect Match,’ Are Shayne And Chloe Still Together? What Happened Between Chloe And Shayne?

Some of the most surprising and exciting couples on Perfect Match were Shayne Jansen from Love Is Blind and Chloe Veitch from Too Hot To Handle/The Circle. Early on, Shayne was paired with Ines Tazi from The Circle: France and Izzy Fairthorne from THTH, neither of whom he felt any chemistry with.

However, when he was paired with Chloe, the two finally clicked. The sexual tension between these two reality TV stars was palpable, as Chloe’s upbeat and bright disposition was an excellent complement to Shayne’s trademark goofiness. After airing their episodes, stars like Chloe and Shayne are opening up about their relationship status.

On “Perfect Match,” What Happened Between Chloe And Shayne?

One of the first people to live at the villa, Shayne, had a rough start. He had initial compatibility with Ines, but that interest never developed into anything more. In a strange partner-swap with Nick, he also gets paired with Izzy from the Perfect Match cast; however, when Izzy gets paired with Bartise, he has to return to his original, uneasy combination with Ines.

Shayne and Chloe’s energies are so compatible that they wind up showering together after they’re paired. They become the show’s most muscular couple immediately, but things move quickly on Perfect Match. Once Francesca and Damian take over the board, they set Chloe up on a date with Mitchell, her ex and a co-star from season two of The Circle.

Chloe and Mitchell dated for eight months after meeting on The Circle, and they ended things without settling their differences. Chloe makes the tough call of matching with Mitchell to explore where things would have gone with him, forcing Shayne to leave the house. When Mitchell does a cannonball into the balcony pool, it spills onto the terrace, giving Shayne a refreshingly cool shower.

Chloe and Shayne may be over now, but things are going poorly with her new beau. Chloe and Mitchell are paired two days later. On their romantic date after winning the compatibility challenge, Mitchell reveals that he is not currently in the market for a relationship. When Chloe sends Shayne home, she quickly regrets it, claiming she would return him if he appeared on the board.

And the next time Mitchell and Chloe visit the Board Room, guess who they see up there? Chloe reconnects with her old flame Shayne, and the two share an emotional reunion in which Chloe clarifies that Shayne wasn’t her second choice and wants to be sure that her relationship with Mitchell is finished. Chloe decides to rap her love for Shayne after being re-matched with him and Mitchell leaving.

Shayne is still incredibly insecure about himself and Chloe, and it only takes one word of doubt to throw him into a spiral. As Chloe realizes she isn’t getting through to him and suggests they discuss it in the morning, he continually threatens to leave since he thinks she is happy about his departure. Chloe spends the night with Dom and Georgia, and the next day Shayne apologizes for his antics the night before, restoring their relationship.

Chloe and Shayne, who remain rock-solid despite the season’s constant upheaval, seem to have a bit of a hazy memory of what happens next. They survive the “bring everyone back” party with Shayne being polite to Mitchell the whole time, and on their last date, Chloe expresses her want to continue the relationship and make it work.

Mitchell attempts to assert his similarity to Shayne during the finale’s Survivor-style panel, but Chloe cuts him off. She and Shayne have confirmed their feelings for one another, and, despite not winning the grand prize, they appear to be much in love with one another.

After ‘Perfect Match,’ Are Shayne And Chloe Still Together?

After watching the series finale, you can rest assured that Chloe and Shayne are not…still dating. Chloe stated in an interview with TODAY that once filming wrapped, the couple split up due to distance and other factors.

“We’re not together unfortunately. Towards the end of the episodes in ‘Perfect Match,’ there were some bumpy roads, up and down,” she told the outlet, referring to her and Shayne’s fight in Episode 10.

“When I decided to make him my perfect match, I was feeling very hopeful. When we got outside of the villa, the bubble that we had around us just popped,” she continued.

Chloe previously posted some updates on social media that could have been hints of her split with Shayne. In one clip, she pretends to cry while a caption reads, “When you pray to god for your perfect match but it’s that long distance kind.”

A Tweet covered on Shayne and Chloe by Mon:

In a Where Are They Now? Clip for Netflix, Chloe, and Shayne addressed their separation head-on. From the get-go, Shayne put forth strong intentions, claiming “full responsibility” for the fact that their relationship would not survive beyond the program and alluded to the pressures of filming his season of Love Is Blind: Beyond the Altar. (I’ll elaborate later.)

“It was my fault that relationship didn’t work,” he claimed in the video. I was under much pressure because my program was still on the air. When I got home, everything was in shambles. I was under a lot of pressure, what with us being apart for such a long time after having spent the previous two or three weeks so intimately acquainted. It was just extremely challenging.

Chloe went into greater detail about how their relationship ended after filming wrapped.

A little reason had returned to me by the time filming was through. With Perfect Match, I isolated myself. Very stunning. “We were in a villa, and Shayne was there, and I was just so, like, hopeful,” she said. Afterward, I felt doubt arise, asking, “Is this going to work now that we’ve wrapped?” And the warning sirens grew just a little louder.

As she elaborated, she compared the situation to waiting in line for a rollercoaster with her boyfriend, Shayne. We boarded the roller coaster, and it quickly began to go up and down. I got sick, he got sick, we got off the ride, and we both decided we didn’t enjoy roller coasters. That sums up what it’s like between me and Shayne.

Likewise, Shayne has acknowledged that he and Chloe are currently giving each other space. I think it’s better if Chloe and I stop talking to one other and start living separate lives. We hold one another in high regard and never put each other down. We value each other’s company immensely. Yet, “at this time, there is just no reason to have that sort of friendly conversation,” he explained.

Although Chloe did not confirm or deny her single status in the Netflix clip, she has developed an intriguing bond since appearing on Perfect Match. Including a funny clip in which she, Natalie, and Ines have a shared experience: having dated Shayne, she and Shayne’s ex-fiancée Ines filmed and shared several TikToks last week.

Despite Chloe’s disclaimer that “*no hate, we love Shayne – we all simply have one thing in common,” they all seem to detest Shayne.

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What Has Happened With Shayne And Natalie?

What Has Happened With Shayne And Natalie

Off-screen, Shayne’s dating life is likewise somewhat dramatic. Natalie revealed(opens in new tab) in an Instagram story that while she and Shayne were dating after the September 2021 airing of Love Is Blind, they were both approached to apply for Perfect Match. She says that Shayne auditioned for the program when they were still together and that after they broke up and stopped talking, they got back in touch in early 2022 to film their Love Is Blind: After the Altar special.

After seeing each other again at the reunion show taping for the first time since their separation, “he texted me multiple times he wanted to leave midway through production because he still had feelings for me,” Natalie wrote. She continued by saying that she and Shayne tried to get together after filming wrapped on Perfect Match.

Shayne wrote back to her, “Clearly, with the new show coming out, I figured someone would try to damage my character for personal benefit once again. I’ve made several attempts to move on, but this issue keeps coming back, and I have certain limits. He also referred to the individual by the term “clout chaser.”

After the Perfect Match season finale last week, Shayne’s love life is likely to be front and center, but it’s also possible that he’s taking some time to recharge on his own.

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