Are Michael and Isha Still Together

Are Michael and Isha Still Together: Where Are Isha and Michael From “Twentysomethings: Austin” Now?

Are Michael and Isha Still Together: Michael Aaron Fractor and Isha Punja were just two roommates who happened to meet one another and hit it off. In reality, the latter had entered with the intent to solely date outside of their group for fear of creating drama, but after talking to Bruce Stephenson, she changed her mind. However, Michael went on a few dates with other women before he realized that Raquel Daniels was flirting with him. However, everything eventually died down, and Isha and Michael’s story got underway.

After getting the all-clear, Isha admitted to Raquel that she found Michael appealing because he was “the cousin of her type.” The two of them went out for tacos, and after a short but courageous conversation, she asked him out on their first date. After that, Michael brought Isha mini-golfing, where he made her giggle hysterically and did some corny but cute actions that gave her butterflies. The fact that he was able to pass her mother’s “vibe check” and that she didn’t mind him being a virgin only strengthened their bond.

Are Michael and Isha Still Together

We all know that dating may be difficult at times, but Michael and Isha showed that they weren’t playing any games by the way they conducted themselves. She was upfront with him after he botched an open mic, despite his assumption that she no longer liked him, and they always were honest with one another while still managing to keep things fun. Isha was glad that she and Michael were taking things slowly since it allowed her to concentrate on growing her fashion label and strengthened their friendship beyond everything else.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if Michael and Isha are still together or not at this point in time, but we do know that they are still extremely close and are at the very least excellent friends. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the fact that they follow each other on social media is a sign that they’re still a couple in love and not just friends. But since it’s all so fresh (the Netflix original was shot in the fall of 2021) it’s hardly unexpected that they’re being secretive about it.

That Michael Fractor Fellow, Who is He?

That Michael Fractor Fellow, Who is He

Los Angeles native Michael Fractor, 23, is going all out for his supportive role on the new Netflix series Twentysomethings Austin.

This 6’0″ comedian drove his car up to the front gate of the coming-of-age reality program, but he is really here in Austin to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

When Fractor revealed on the broadcast that he had moved to Austin for the sole purpose of performing stand-up comedy, Raquel Daniels voiced her respect.

Michael is so proud of his comedy that he won’t listen to criticism, but no one laughs at his jokes on air; after that, his fury was clear, but he quickly calmed down, and below his rage, he has a kind nature.

He set out at an early age to follow his dream of becoming a stand-up comic, despite widespread mockery along the way.
The local gigs he did while pursuing his stand-up comedy career included Cow Pokes & Jokes at “The Creek and The Cave.”

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Who is Isha Punja?

Who is Isha Punja

Isha Punja is a 24-year-old celebrity from Irvine, Orange County, California, United States. She is an actress, model, businesswoman, fashion designer, media face, and social media sensation. He or she is well-known as a designer all around the country.

After being cast in the Netflix series “Twentysomethings: Austin” in December 2021, she became a household name. She will be making an appearance among other well-known people. Isha took to social media to announce that she has been cast in the Netflix series.

Also, she started and runs the clothing boutique Hut Mentality. They are entirely her own designs, and they are huge hits with the public.

Where Are Isha and Michael From “Twentysomethings: Austin” Now?

Production for the first season of Twentysomethings: Austin was completed in late November 2021, and the show premiered on the streaming service not long after. Isha has spent the weeks since production completed promoting her apparel company on social media. Meanwhile, Michael has been passing around clips from the show.

We don’t know if Michael has found work since he elected to remain in Austin, or if he plans to try his hand at standup again now that the show has premiered.

Fans in Austin will be watching Michael and Isha’s social media accounts closely for the foreseeable future because the two have been extremely secretive about their relationship and their plans for the city.

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