Are Dom And Georgia Still Together

Are Dom And Georgia Still Together From ‘The Perfect Match’?

Fans of The Perfect Match on Netflix want to know if the show’s first-season winners, Dom and Georgia, are still together and where they are now that production has wrapped.

Are Dom And Georgia Still Together?

Can we assume that season 1’s Dom and Georgia are still together? The answer is no. The competitors of The Perfect Match season 1 ultimately decided that Dom and Georgia were the best couples. They earned a free weeklong trip for two to any destination.

“We won! That’s not something I anticipated happening. “I knew you were my perfect match, but I had no idea we were The Perfect Match,” Georgia said to Dom in an interview after they won.

In an interview with Today published in March 2023, Dom and Georgia did not admit that they had broken up after filming for season 1 of The Perfect Match concluded. Getting to spend time with him and getting to know him was a highlight of Georgia’s life. I wouldn’t change a thing about him; he’s a wonderful human being.

But right now, we’re not together. Dom stated that the distance between them and Georgia was the primary factor in their breakup. Although Dom hails from Toronto, Canada, Georgia hails from Brisbane, Australia. In my opinion, there are several factors, including travel time and cost, to consider after the show has been over.

It’s difficult to adjust after living in a home where cameras constantly monitor your every move. Despite what you may have heard, Dom and I are on good terms. Let’s see where the future takes us,’ I guess the attitude. Let’s go our separate ways for a while. What happens in the future, if anything else does, happens because it’s intended to.

According to an Instagram Story uploaded by Bartise Bowden, a participant in Love Is Blind Season 3, filming for The Perfect Match took place in March 2022. Georgia’s relationship with Harry Jowsey, a contestant on the first season of Too Hot to Handle, became public knowledge in April 2022.

Cosmopolitan UK posted a tweet and wrote, “Are the pair still together?”

Francesca Farago, a contestant on the first season of Too Hot to Handle and a star of the first season of The Perfect Match alongside Dom and Georgia, is Harry’s ex-girlfriend.

Harry confirmed his and Georgia’s relationship with a TikTok video of them on the couch together in April 2022. In an interview with Page Six in August 2022, Harry confirmed that he and Georgia started dating in April 2022 and had moved in together to his home in Los Angeles. Georgia moved back to her hometown of Brisbane, Australia, in July 2022, and two dated long distance before their split later that year.

“She probably wouldn’t want me to say that, but it has been very difficult,” Harry told Page Six about his and Georgia’s long-distance relationship at the time. He explained that the distance had been difficult because the two shared the same love languages: quality time and physical touch. “We take those away, and we have all this distance as being in between us,” he said. “There’s so many factors. I know my audience — they wanna hear that it’s been sunshine and rainbows all the time, but it isn’t. It’s so difficult to have something that’s long distance.”

He continued, “Thank God I’m leaving tomorrow to go see her, but the distance … it’s been very testing on our relationship because we don’t communicate in the same frequency if that makes sense. Like, she needs a couple of days to cool off things, and I need to get through whatever the issue is like right away so it can stop being serious. So we’ve had a lot of obstacles to overcome.”

Harry also revealed that he and Georgia fought hours before his Page Six interview because of a TikTok he posted of him direct messaging actress Hailee Steinfeld. “As of this morning, she wasn’t very happy with me ’cause I posted a silly TikTok that I didn’t think about, but we spoke on the phone and we laughed about it, so everything’s OK!” he said. “It was like 5 a.m., and I posted this silly TikTok where I had screenshots of my DMs with Hailee Steinfeld just exposing myself a year ago. I was very cringey. It was just something to look back and laugh at.”

“[Georgia] didn’t appreciate it. And I was like, ‘You know what, looking back, I wouldn’t appreciate it if you did that, so I apologize.’ I know everyone wants it to be this Instagram, picture-perfect Hollywood couple. I’m like, ‘No, no — we’re trying to figure it out. You got no idea. We’re worse than you guys!’”

In an interview with The Sun published in November 2022, Harry acknowledged to the publication that he and Georgia had ended their relationship. Even though Georgia and I aren’t together right now, I want you to know that our time together was quite special. I can’t say enough good things about Georgia as a person. I am so happy that our paths have intersected since she is one of the most incredible persons I have ever encountered. Harry further implied that the pressure from social media played a role in the breakup between him and Georgia. That’s why I think I post so much online; I really enjoy producing material. “I usually date people that are in the same social/professional circles as me, so it stands to me that they would do the same,” he explained. Yet, by doing so, I expose ourselves to criticism and criticism from the public.

His other theory for why Georgia and Francesca broke up was that they were constantly being compared. His words, “it can undoubtedly be a double-edged sword as you and or the person you are with are continually compared to the last person your significant other dated,” ring true. If you let it get to you, it can have a negative impact on your mental health and your relationship. But, it is simpler to say than to do. It’s not easy to keep the media’s judgement out of your head.

He explained, “It requires clear communication between you and your spouse and some getting used to. Yet, throughout the past few years, I’ve had some incredible, albeit secret, relationships. I’ve also been in relationships with people who are wonderful, but who become irritated if I don’t constantly brag about them on social media. What you need and what you desire as a couple ultimately boils down to the individual. All of this is a matter of equilibrium. When it comes to my personal interactions online, though, I always try to be as honest and forthright as possible about how I really feel and what I really want. To put it plainly, I have no intention of sharing my personal interactions online. Creating material and recording moments is a passion of mine, and sometimes it just works out that way.

In February of 2023, Harry shared a TikTok video of himself and Georgia together, confirming that they were back together. When Georgia started dating Dom on The Perfect Match, Harry had very strong feelings about it. He expressed them in a TikTok video at the time.

Harry posted a video of him and Georgia with the audio, “Focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, focus” because they were not interested in seeing Georgia hook up with other men when she was on a dating show. Dom and Georgia continue to follow each other on Instagram as of this writing.

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What Went Down Between Dom And Georgia

One of the original housemates, Dom, was paired with Francesca, a former contestant from the reality show Too Hot to Handle. For the next couple of matches, they remained faithful to one another despite being on different wavelengths, with Francesca seeking a physical spark and sensitive sweetie pie Dom focussing on their emotional connection.

Francesca decided to set herself on a date with her old friend Damian once they were in the Board Room to investigate their unresolved relationship further.

While this happens, Chase snuck Georgia inside the mansion by manipulating his blind kiss ranking and entering the Board Room. Even while Georgia is initially attracted to Chase, she quickly loses faith in him due to the villa’s constant rumblings that he is a clear villain and his vague responses to her questions about his personal life.

Dom was ready to leave the competition when Francesca rematched Damian. Still, former contestant Ines from The Circle: France and current contestant Georgia convinced him to stay and find new relationships. Georgia also revealed that she had been attracted to him ever since she entered the house but that she knew he was in love with Francesca.

Georgia urged Dom to match with her despite knowing his feelings for Francesca wouldn’t go overnight (he even told her he loved her). He was taken aback, but he also saw how incredible Georgia was, and he was interested in learning more about their bond.

Dom and Georgia stayed together after they were paired, and their love for one another deepened. Dom demonstrated his dedication by rejecting Colony and Diamond when they sent him on dates, despite speculation that theirs was only a rebound relationship. The eighth episode concludes with Dom asking Georgia to be his girlfriend.

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