Are Chantel and Pedro Still Together

Are Chantel and Pedro Still Together: Where Does One Find Pedro Jimeno?

Are Chantel and Pedro Still Together: A fib committed by Chantel to her parents concerning Pedro’s visa sparked immediate conflict when he initially appeared on 90 Day Fiancé in Season 4. She feared they would assume Pedro’s sole purpose for being in the United States was to secure a green card, so she lied and said he was a student. When Chantel announced that Pedro was travelling to the United States on a K-1 visa and that the couple planned to wed within 90 days, their worst fears were realised.

When Chantal met Pedro’s mother and sister, the situation deteriorated rapidly. She was disliked by them, and they felt the same about her. Despite the fact that neither of their families was very supportive of their relationship, Pedro and Chantel managed to stay together for the duration of the show. Theirs is one of the more stable marriages in the 90 Day Fiancé series, but that’s not saying much. For context, here are some details regarding Pedro’s life now and before he met Chantel.

Are Chantel and Pedro Still Together?

Pedro filed for divorce from his wife of six years, Chantel Everett, on May 27 (confirmed by In Touch), ending their union.

Their relationship reached a boiling point in the fourth season of the spinoff when Pedro began calling his wife “lazy” and complaining that she wasn’t as supportive as he usually was. Meanwhile, Chantel felt neglected because her spouse spent so much time at work.

Pedro sought Chantel for a divorce after a trial separation and moved out into his own apartment the following day. Pedro filed for divorce after he discovered that Chantel had stolen $265,000 from their joint bank account after he had left. The ensuing showdown in the season finale was explosive.

When contacted by In Touch, an attorney for Chantel said, “no comment” when asked about the allegations in the earlier motion that she stole the money.

Who is Chantel Everett?

In October 2020, 31-year-old Chantel Everett would have celebrated his birthday. He was born on February 2, 1991. Chantel was born on February 2nd, making her a Pisces by astrological sign.

Thomas Everett and Karen Everett are Chantel’s parents. Both of her parents are of different races. Chantel’s mother, Karen, is of African-American descent, and her father, Thomas, is of Hispanic descent. Both of her parents had made an appearance on Fiance’s 90th day, and they had been a major plot point in the conflict between Chantel and her ex-fiance Pedro.

Chantel had two siblings in addition to her parents. There was a brother named River and a sister named Winter. Her two brothers were on both 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel.

Where Does One Find Pedro Jimeno?

On October 3, 1991, Pedro Jimeno entered the world in his native Dominican Republic. The reality celebrity became famous after marrying Chantel Everett on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. The ups and downs of his and his wife’s life were the subjects of a spin-off starring him called The Family Chantel. His fellow Dominican reality star, Julissa Bermudez, is also from there. At the Technological Institute of Las Americas, he received his education.

He’s listed as a successful reality star on Popular Bio. He’s up there with the other renowned folks that share an October 3rd birthday. He was born in the Dominican Republic but has quickly become one of the wealthiest reality stars in the world. His popularity has earned him a spot on the list of Top Reality Stars. At 27 years of age, Pedro Jimeno is a minor celebrity when compared to other people on our list.

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There Are Rumours That Pedro Jimeno and Antonella Barrenechea Had an Affair

There Are Rumours That Pedro Jimeno and Antonella Barrenechea Had an Affair

The tension is through the roof. If you’ve cheated on your spouse with a coworker, the only thing that could possibly be worse is being accused of cheating on your husband. This is becoming the norm in Pedro’s life, which is sad.

Many viewers of Season 4 of The Family Chantel think Pedro had an affair with Antonella Barrenchea, one of his coworkers. Pedro and Antonella both work as realtors for Laura Delgado Realty. Pedro has gone on the show to state that he prefers hanging out with Antonella to Chantel.

With the growing closeness between Antonella and Pedro, tensions between Chantel and Pedro are only natural. In fact, Pedro’s continual teasing of Antonella and their strong friendship is something that Chantel finds distasteful. Therefore, followers assume that Pedro and Antonella are an item.

Neither Antonella nor Pedro has commented on the speculation surrounding their relationship. Fans who have criticised Antonella and Pedro for being overly sexually flirtatious with one another may be startled to hear that Antonella already has a boyfriend.

When It Comes to His Money, Pedro Jimeno Doesn’t Have Any Other Concerns

The rumour that Pedro and Chantel have broken up is real. Court records show that Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel in May of 2022, as reported by TMZ. Reportedly splitting up in April.

The site reports that Pedro believes he and Chantel’s marriage is “irretrievably ruined” and that he also believes that Chantel stole $257,000 from their shared bank account during the previous week. Pedro further alleges that Chantel placed the money in her sister’s bank account.

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