Amara La Negra Net Worth

Amara La Negra Net Worth: How Did Amara La Negra Became Famous?

Amara La Negra is the stage name of Diana Danelys De Los Santos, who was born in the United States on October 4, 1990. Amara La Negra is an American singer, actress, dancer, author, and television host. Although De los Santos is of Dominican descent, she identifies as Afro-Latina and is best known for her role on the VH1 reality TV show Love & Hip Hop: Miami. Billboard magazine referred to La Negra as the show’s “breakout star,” and the label BMG quickly offered her a record deal for multiple albums shortly after the show’s debut. Scroll down to check Amara La Negra Net Worth.

Amara La Negra Early Life

Amara, whose birth name was Diana Danelys De los Santos, spent her childhood in Miami and developed her talents as a singer, dancer, and actress. She was only four years old when she triumphed in a competition that led to her appearance on the wildly popular Hispanic variety show Sábado Gigante. It was on the show where she received her very first taste of the scrutiny of her blackness that would follow her for the rest of her life.

Amara La Negra Career

At the age of four, Amara began her career as a singer on a Spanish television programme called Sabado Gigante. She was the only girl with a dark skin tone on the cast of the programme, and she appeared on it for a total of six years. She went on to become a dancer for well-known Latin artists such as Tito Puente and Celia Cruz after the show ended. Later on, when Amara was still a teenager, she and her friends tried to form a band under the name Amara, but the endeavour was ultimately unsuccessful because the members had a hard time sticking together.

She made the decision to keep the name Amara but added the nickname La Negra, which translates to “the black girl” in Spanish. The reason for adding La Negra was due to the fact that a lot of people kept referring to the other girl in the group as the dark girl. In 2013, she released her first single, AYY, which was an instant hit in the Latin industry. Despite the success of the single, however, she had a difficult time getting accepted in the industry due to the fact that she had dark skin and Afro hair.

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In the year 2018, Amara appeared on an episode of the television series Love & Hip-Hop Miami. Her personal experience with racism and prejudice from members of the Latin community was a major factor in the show’s decision to cast her. Because of her appearance on the show, she received a lot of attention from the media and amassed a sizeable number of new followers.

After the Latino light-skinned artist Young Hollywood had made fun of her Afro hair on the show, she got into an argument with him and ended up physically attacking him. Soon after the first episode of the show aired, she signed a multi-album deal with BMG, under which she simultaneously released two singles under the titles “Insecure” and “What a Bam Bam.” The song “What A Bam Bam” was ranked eighth on the Latin pop Digital song sales charts that were compiled by Billboard in the month of March 2018.

Amara has been performing in a variety of shows ever since the release of her debut studio album, Unstoppable, in 2019. Some of these shows include the Hispanic Heritage Awards, the 2019 Premios Juventud, and the BET live experience. She had roles in the films Fall Girls and Bendecidas, both of which were released in the same year.

Amara La Negra Career

Amara La Negra Personal Life

Amara’s birthday is October 4th, and she was born in Miami, Florida. She is the only child of Ana Maria Oleaga, who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic but moved to the United States alone when she was a young adult.

In April of 2019, she went public on her Instagram page with the news that she had started dating Emjay, a bachata singer. After some time, she decided to move in with her. Annie, Emjay’s ex-girlfriend, went to la Negra in March 2020 and told her that Emjay would prefer to use her for his financial gain than to live with her. la Negra shared this information with Annie.

After having a conversation with Annie, Amara decided to end her relationship with the singer Emjay. (TV Soap Videos) Previously, Amara had been in a relationship with Emjay. Even though they are no longer together, he still resides in her home even though they have parted ways. Amara made the announcement in 2021 that she is pregnant with two little girls.

Amara La Negra is a mother to a set of identical twin daughters (Instagram)
She has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone, which is a testament to her prominence on social media.

Amara La Negra Net Worth

According to Celebrity Networth, Amara La Negra has a net worth of approximately $2 million and earns approximately $100,000 per season from the reality television series. Amara La Negra also has a large following on social media. In addition to that, she makes money from endorsements, live performances, and music albums.

She has always been a popular figure on Spanish-language television; as a young girl, she frequently appeared on Sábado Gigante on Univision. La Negra is currently enjoying her largest prominence ever as hits like the reggae-tinged “What a Bam Bam” rocket into the millions of views on YouTube.

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