Wonder Egg Priority Season 2

Is The Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Cancel Or Not?

Do you, too, long for a second season of Wonder Egg Priority? So, keep this tolerance going for a while longer. This is because there is still a significant amount of time to go before the show is available to view online or on television. The CloverWorks studio presents WEP, an original psychological horror drama. The drama, developed by Shinji Nojima, follows Ai Ohto as she looks into the circumstances behind the death of her high school best buddy.

This drama, at least the first season, was very well received. Many people thought this anime was the best on television in January 2021. Nonetheless, things shifted dramatically in the show’s thirteenth installment. Could it have been planned this way to get us excited for the sequel? Everything you need to know about Wonder Egg Priority 2’s release is here.

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2: Status Of Renewal

At this time, Studio CloverWorks has almost no intentions of ordering a second season of Wonder Egg Priority. Possible explanation: it’s hard to make a sequel to an original show without having something to base it on. Moreover, a look at Cloverworks’ production history reveals that the studio hardly ever releases anime sequels to their hit series.

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As a result of its unprecedented success, though, the parent firm may reconsider its position. At this point, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t end up like Season 2 of “Promised Neverland.” Let’s hold off till the creators release a statement.

Following The Special Episode

Every fan knows that a particular episode follows the season finale. Instead of clearing up the previous episode’s mess, the current one worsened things. In the lead-up to the one-off episode, viewers were not exactly clamoring for a second season of Wonder Egg Priority.

However, with the cliffhanger ending, interest in the next season has skyrocketed. All the speculations about what led Koito to take his own life were disproved. Sawaki, who had been set up as the piece’s villain, was also ultimately devalued.

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After all this confusion, viewers are even more eager for Season 2 to resolve their questions. Fans wouldn’t have demanded a new season if there hadn’t been a special episode. It’s also possible that this episode served no other function than to hint at upcoming season-long tensions. Unless I’m mistaken, this episode caused more harm than good.

Release Date Of Wonder Egg Priority Season 2

Release Date Of Wonder Egg Priority Season 2


There has been no word from CloverWorks Studios as of yet. Fans must rely on rumors to learn when Season 2 of Wonder Egg Priority will air. The show is not in production at this time. By comparison, it takes a studio about six months to produce a single season of a TV show, so that should be plenty of time to finish the second installment.

As a result, the earliest the second season will arrive was late in 2022. We should wait for further information to come in before drawing any conclusions.

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