When Does Luffy Use Gear 4

When Does Luffy Use Gear 4? A Comprehensive Overview of Gear Four Techniques

Monkey D. Luffy is the main character and the leader of the notorious pirate group, the Straw Hats, in the long-running and wildly popular manga and anime series One Piece. He is a strong and formidable individual, despite his lacklustre appearance.

He employs Haki and several other fighting styles, which he calls Gears. His Gear 4: Bounceman move is a crowd-pleaser and one of his most powerful moves. In the Dressrosa Arc, he faced the Heavenly Demon for the first time and used Fourth Gear for the first time.

Which Episodes Include Gear Four Techniques Used by Luffy?

We can’t exactly pick one individual episode because Gear Four techniques have been featured throughout the manga and anime series. Although the first Gear Four method was introduced in the manga’s Chapter 784 (“Gear Fourth”) and the anime’s Episode 726 (“Gear Fourth! The Amazing Boundman!”), those chapters just marked the series’ initial forays into the subgenre.

What Are Luffy’s Sources For The Gear Four Skills?

What Are Luffy Sources For The Gear Four Skills

Luffy’s journey to Gear Four was never wholly explained. After practising on Rusukaina, he finally put the methods to use in his fight against Donquixote Doglamifingo.

Gear Fourth allows Luffy to use methods of his creation by imitating the skills of the Rokushiki, just like Gear Second did. His “flying” approach, for instance, is strikingly similar to the Pas de Lune. With his fruit and his haki weapon, Luffy can maximise his body’s elasticity and engage in aerial combat while doing so.

First, we must explain why the island of Rusukaina is so specific but also crucial for the general lore of One Piece to completely grasp how the island aided Luffy in reaching his goal. In the north-west of Amazon Lily, you’ll find Rusukaina Island in the tranquil waters of the Calm Belt. There are 48 distinct seasons, each lasting exactly one week on this island.

Humans attempted to settle on this island, but the fury of its native flora and fauna and the extreme seasonal shifts drove them out, leaving behind only ruins. There is one tree in all of Rusukaina that no animals ever go near, making it the sole truly secure location. Whatever it is, this tree seems to be ignored by most animals (it is assumed that it is a less toxic cousin of Daft Green).

Silvers Rayleigh claims that Luffy could not kill more than 500 animals before the time jump. There, Luffy spent two years training with Rayleigh, who would go on to teach him the fundamentals of Haki over another year and a half. The island’s severe conditions will help Luffy learn the three forms of Haki and the Gear Four method, but he won’t be able to master either of them just yet fully.

He emerged more robust and determined than ever to reunite with his allies and conquer the New World.

Rusukaina, as you can see, is crucial to the franchise and is the most significant setting about the well-known time jump in the One Piece story. This pivotal moment was on Luffy’s path to becoming the legendary pirate king.

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What Takes Place When Luffy Employs Techniques From Gear Four?

Gear Four requires Luffy to equip an arm (often the left) with Haki from the Armament, bite his forearm, and then, like Gear Three, blast a fantastic amount of air into his. Body, this time not to inflate his bones but to raise all his muscle structure. Luffy’s body becomes so stiff that he can’t stay planted and instead bounces off the ground as a result of performing this technique.

This means he has to take off the sandals he usually sleeps in. In the manga, the Gear Fourth makes his skin black, whereas in the anime, it turns red. During his training, the Boundman and Snakeman were fine-tuned to defeat the dangerous animals native to Rusukaina. Due to the extreme randomness of the conditions necessary to activate the Tankman, it is unknown if Luffy planned it.

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In this guise, his body can easily endure direct assaults. Luffy and, subsequently, Doflamingo both remarked that there appears to be a time limit on using the Gear Fourth. This notion is proven correct in the following chapter, as Luffy suffers severely from the negative repercussions of this method because he can no longer control Gear Fourth.

Because of these influences, he is forced to release the air in his body, which weakens him and drains his Armament Haki, if not wholly drains it. While in this form, Luffy expended a lot of energy and ate a lot of calories, which led to a significant weight loss during his initial uses of Gear Fourth.

Waiting 10 minutes allows his Haki to replenish, allowing him to reactivate the Gear Fourth. Also, he may use the “King Kong Gun” technique, which combines Gear Third and this Gear, to devastating effect. After regaining his Haki and using it again, Luffy barely had enough power to fight, and its brief usage for a second time left him unconscious for three days. This was all after only a few uses of Gear Fourth.

However his training in Udon has undoubtedly substantially enhanced his stamina, as seen by the fact that his endurance seems to grow a lot during the fight with Charlotte Katakuri and immensely during chapter 975, when Luffy uses the Gear Fourth directly against ordinary soldiers. It takes Luffy much less time to shift into Gear Fourth now.

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