Masked Singer Season 8

Masked Singer Season 8: Who Will Be Delivering Clues This Season?

It feels like it was only yesterday that The Masked Singer rocked the television landscape in the United States by storm. And before we knew it, we are already on the eighth season of the show, which sees a brand-new cast of famous people performing behind masks in order to compete for the Golden Mask trophy. Continue reading to learn everything we know about the upcoming eighth season, including when the season premiere will take place, who celebrity contestants will be participating, and much more. Here’s everything you need to know about Masked Singer Season 8.

Masked Singer Season 8 Plot/Story

The eighth season of The Masked Singer will differ from prior seasons. We can anticipate even more crazy and awesomeness from the creators since this is a sequel. They also disclosed the network on which they will air, as well as the fact that the finished product will be a ground-breaking first-run movie.

The format of Season 8 of The Masked Singer has changed in order to keep viewers on their toes and create more excitement. The “king and queen elimination” method of elimination will be used this season. One king and one queen will be crowned in each show, and they will move on to the following round.

Based on the votes of the panellists and studio audience, the least popular celebrity will be revealed in the middle of the show and be ejected from the show, followed by another celebrity after the battle royale round. The top three competitors from each round will then face off for the championship.

Masked Singer Season 8 Cast

We definitely can’t tell who is concealing their identities behind the masks for Season 8. There have been reports that Tom Brady may perform as a disguised singer because he skipped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp. In any case, he now asserts that he was not involved (which is exactly what someone who was a secret contestant would say). Let the rumours spread naturally.

Leslie Jordan and Joel McHale, two well-known guest stars, will return, it has been announced. Nick Cannon will take a small vacation from being a parent to host once more, and all of his regular guests will also be appearing.

Masked Singer Season 8 Cast

Masked Singer Season 8 Release Date

The Masked Singer’s eighth season will premiere on September 21, 2022, according to Fox. This season’s judges are likely to include television personality Jenny McCarthy, comedian Ken Jeong, singer-actress Nicole Scherzinger, and singer-songwriter and record producer Robin Thicke.

Despite being merely a high possibility at this moment, Nick Cannon is expected to give birth to his tenth and eleventh child in 2022 with Abby de la Rosa, the mother of his 2021 twins who are due in October, and with Brittany Bell.

Along with the host and panellists, the show will also have a number of famous guests. One of the most intriguing new aspects is that a real, live goat will be delivering the clues this season.

Masked Singer Season 8 Trailer

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