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When Will Lookism Season 2 Be Available, And What Can We Hope See?

People are eager to discover “Lookism Season 2 Release Date” after viewing the first season, however, because season one was just published, the primer date for season 2 is still rather far off. The South Korean webtoon Lookism is quite popular. It was written and drawn by Park Tae-Joon. The webtoon first appeared on Naver Webtoon in weekly installments in November 2014.

It follows a high schooler who has the ability to transition between two different physical forms: one that is overweight and unattractive and another that is trim and lovely. In December 2022, Netflix users throughout the world were able to watch Studio Mir’s adaptation of a popular Korean animated series. When will Lookism Season 2 be available, keep reading.

When Will Lookism Season 2 Be Available, And What Can We Hope See?

Season 2 of Lookism will premiere on Netflix in the fall of 2023, and just like the first season, it will consist of eight episodes. According to the story’s climax, Park Deok Hwa and Hyeong Seok’s outstanding performance earned them first place in the competition show at the School’s celebration.

The music producer finds out that Hyeong Seok turned down Deok Hwa for the job, and offers it to Hyeong Seok instead because of Hyeong Seok’s superior talent and good looks. Yet, for the first time, we see Choi Su Jeong, and we also learn that he, like Hyeong Seok, experiences two-body phenomena.

Is Hyeong Seok the norm, then? After the original manhwa’s 28th chapter, this will be continued in the very next season of Lookism! That being said, stick around for further updates! If you just can’t stand to wait until 2023 for the anime, though, Chapter 28 and beyond are available in the manhwa. Let’s see the plot for Season 2 of Lookism.

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Plan For Season 2 of Lookism

Plan For Season 2 of Lookism

The lookism TV show is based on a webtoon with the same name and follows the plight of Daniel Park, an overweight kid who is bullied by everyone at school. After being tormented by the school’s biggest bully, Logan Lee, Daniel Park transfers to the Seoul school in the hopes of finding some semblance of normalcy.

But one day he wakes up looking tall and handsome, whereas before he had always been short and ugly. At night’s end, he reverts to his obese body, which is one of his two. More of Daniel’s journey as a handsome young man and the unfairness of society’s beauty standards may be explored in the show’s second season. Who plays the role in Lookism Season 2, to know keep reading.

Who Are The Cast of Lookism Season 2

Daniel Park, one of the nicest actors on board, plays Park Hyeong- Suk, the protagonist of the show. A long period of abuse follows, but he must remain concealed for the sake of his mother and himself. But then he starts standing up for himself and things change.

Lee Eun Tae Ho plays Vasco, Hong Jae Yeol plays Jay Hong, Lee Jin Sung plays Zack Lee, Kim Mi Jin plays Mira Kim, Park Ha Neul plays Zoe Park, and Choi Soo Jung plays Crystal Choi. If the Lookism show is picked up for a second season, you can count on seeing the whole series cast return to their original roles.

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