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REGIONAL Classified Advertising

If you’re looking to expand your business or generate leads in a specific market, placing your classified ad in one of our regional networks can help you make the most of your advertising budget. Regional marketing allows you to adapt your message so that you can look and feel local no matter where you’re actually located. It is also an inexpensive way to conduct A/B testing to find out what works best before taking your classified message nationwide.

Newspapers of America’s regional classified networks include publications distributed in communities of all sizes, from small towns to the largest metropolitan areas in the country. You choose the region that’s right for you, and we handle everything else. One click, one invoice, unlimited potential.

Choose one of the regional classified networks below to place your advertisements now. If you’d like to talk to one of our experienced, knowledgeable representatives to receive more information about which of these networks might work best for you, please contact us today.

Association of Alternative Newsweeklies

Circulation: 6.5 million
130 publications in 42 states plus Washington D.C.
8 Different Regions
25 Words $995 All Regions

Community Newspapers of New York

Circulation: 4.7 million
368 papers
25 words $525
Each additional word $15

Community Newspapers Holdings, Inc.

18 different regional buys
Ranging from $150.00 to $695.00
North Central - 22 papers - $150
25 Words $695 All Regions

Free Community Papers of New England

Circulation: 1.1 Million
91 editions in 6 States
25 words $249.00

Gatehouse Media Network

Circulation: 4.2 million
25 words for $699
25 words without New England (3.4 million circulation) for $425.

Mid Atlantic Classified Network

Circulation: 5 million
Over 300 publications in 9 States
20 words $550.00

Midwest Free Community Papers

Circulation: 2.7 million
Over 130 free papers in a ten state region.
25 words $249

Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association

Circulation: 4 million
Over 500 publications in 12 States
25 words $399

State Press Associations

Community Papers of Florida

Circulation: 4.6 Million
135 Papers
25 words $495.00

Texas Community Newspapers

Circulation: 2+ million
100 papers
25 words for $295.00

SouthWest Association of Community Papers Advertising Network

Circulation: 2.1 million
25 words for $225.00

Suburban Newspapers of America

Circulation: 12 million
830 papers in 24 states
4 Different Regions
25 Words $1,299 All Regions
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