The Printed Word Alive and Well in the Digital Age!

According to a number of studies print advertising is still a viable medium to advertise in an era where digital ads reigns! The study also indicated that readers still prefer the printed word over digital media for a number of reasons: They have control on how long they can stay on a page and can easily go back to a page they would like to read. Many readers also like the tactile sensation that they get from the printed word. Touching the pages of a book is just one of many features that digital media cannot match. This is not to say that digital media is unpopular. Digital media continues to gain popularity but many readers find the scrolling factor to get to the contents somewhat cumbersome. Features in multimedia such as links, videos, and animations, tend to distract and also leave little room for imagination. The result is that people do not fully absorb the contents in digital media the way that they absorb print media information.

Unlike television and internet advertisements, print advertising has a better effect on people’s consciousness than the ads they view in digital media which essentially flashes quickly before their eyes and then disappear.

Magazine ads perform better than digital advertising and generate the best results when helping consumers go through the initial process of their buying decision. For a small business looking to maximize return on investment for advertising, print advertising also outlasted both television and Internet advertising.

Cost of Print Advertising versus Digital Media

The cost of print advertising is contingent on the publication, circulation, insertions and quantities. Depending on your budget, you can either go all out or go with what is necessary to get the word out about your business. The only drawback with a low budgeted ad is that you won't be getting major exposure from a local newspaper. Some businesses are finding value in multiple insertions in one magazine. However, this strategy is expensive. If you want to try this option, be prepared to spend a little more than what you intend to pay for print advertising.

Digital Advertising

One outstanding benefit of digital advertising is that the cost can easily be custom fit to a specific budget. This is one variation that print advertising do not have since print ads usually have flat fees. Perhaps the most important advantage to digital advertisement is that the digital ad can be interactive. That interactivity can take the form of a simple video clip, a brief flash game or even scale all the way up to an interactive video game sponsored by and highlighting the advertiser, depending upon budget constraints. Interactive ads of any source provide a more memorable experience for the ad's viewers than simpler printed advertisements.