How to Combine Digital and Print Media

Modern advertising have relied mostly on the power of social media and the internet to help businesses establish online presence and provide a venue to promote their products and services. As the marketplace keeps pace with the changes in online marketing, finding the latest ways to integrate your online and traditional marketing continue to be a challenge to most business owners.

Here are four ways to augment your internet advertisement by combining digital into your print advertisement:

Social Media

Social media sites have served as center-stage for internet marketers and business owners to promote their products and services. Combining print and digital media on your company’s information and advertisement is an excellent way to get positive online exposure. Don’t forget to include a “call-to-action” that allows your visitors to “follow” or “like” you in social media sites.

More content to drive curiosity level high

Increase curiosity from your visitors by directing them to more online content about your products and services. You can also get them to linger awhile longer by first leading them to your print material and then to your digital content.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are important to the success of your internet campaign. A landing page or lead capture page can help you gain more leads for your business. Before you start designing your landing page, know your audience and understand the goals and needs of the users who will be reaching your landing page. Anticipate the questions that they may have about your products or services. Knowing this will allow you to design a unique customer experience for your visitors.

Don’t forget to strategize…

Strategy is vital to your marketing campaign. It allows you to properly engage your audiences and decide what level of personalization is best suited for this campaign. Think of an engaging and well thought out message that will help you invite more visitors to your site. Marketing in the 21st Century has never been exciting and it only gets better with the marriage of print and digital media. There are so many useful tools to help you create content that moves your visitors and then make them ardent followers or make them buy your products instantly. The combination of print and digital media provides you with a variety of powerful ads to help you generate more interest in your brand.

Act immediately when visitors respond to your PURL campaign.

Be sure to act right away when visitors respond online to your PURL campaign! As consumers become more and more overwhelmed with marketing messages, it is increasingly important to reach them across various advertising platforms, and with relevant and personalized messages. PURLs are a great tool to do just that and, along with tracking and reporting capabilities, will help your business grow and increase marketing success.