Classified advertising

Advertising your product, service, charity or business opportunity through newspaper classified or display ads can be a powerful marketing tool in helping you or your organization achieve its goals. If you’re considering it, you undoubtedly have a few questions about it. Newspapers of America has put this section together for you to answer some of the questions we hear a lot from our new clients. If you don’t see your question listed here, we hope you’ll contact us so that we can get you the answers you need.

Who reads the newspapers in which my ads will be placed?

This is one of the most common questions we hear. Most people do associate ads with so-called “traditional” newspapers like the New York Times, USA Today or the city/community newspaper you subscribe to either in print or online. But think about the stacks of papers you see at the grocery store, outside a convenience store, in restaurants, in waiting rooms or even delivered—for free—right to your door. Usually free of charge and with names like Pennysaver, Thrifty Nickel, Job Guide or Shopper, these papers are read by literally millions of people from coast to coast who are looking for real estate, employment, business opportunities or just a good deal.

What types of products/services/opportunities do best in these types of newspapers?

Honestly, the kinds of businesses that can benefit from well-placed national and regional classified and display ads are almost limited. Some of those which have been markedly successful are:
  • Business opportunities, including work from home businesses
  • Charitable donations and fundraising
  • Legal services, including personal injury and bankruptcy attorneys
  • Debt consolidation and credit repair companies
  • Employee recruitment
  • Unique products and merchandise not available through traditional retailers
  • Real estate, including time shares, rentals and sales
  • Auto parts and accessories
  • Vitamins and health supplements

How many words will I have in my classified ad?

The majority of newspapers allow 15-25 words per classified ad. Ad length varies by network.

How big are the display ads I can place?

Most display advertisements are 2x2; in other words, 2 inches by 2 column inches. A column inch varies by network, but is usually between 1.5” and 1.825”.

Do I need to provide the artwork and/or copy for my ad or does Newspapers of America prepare it for me?

You will need to provide the content for all advertisements. Display advertisements should be “camera ready”; in other words, ready for submission in an acceptable digital format. If you have questions about format or about having a graphic artist build your display ad for you, please contact us for more information.

Can I choose the specific newspapers in which my ads will be placed?

The benefit of working with Newspapers of America comes in the reduced pricing and expanded circulation that placing your ad throughout one or more networks brings. Many of the networks we regularly work with can be found here. We are willing to work with our clients on an individualized basis to place their ads in specific newspapers.

Is placement guaranteed for my classified ad or display ad?

Guaranteed placement is an expensive proposition in any market and rarely available on a nationwide basis except to the largest global advertisers. Furthermore, newspaper publishers have the right to refuse any ad for any reason or to place an ad in any section they deem necessary or appropriate. As such, you will not be guaranteed the placement of your ad on any page or even in any section of the newspaper networks who will publish it.

Is circulation guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee circulation because some publishers may refuse to run certain ads based on community standards or other concerns. Keep in mind that ad refusal is rare provided the advertisement is for a legal product, service, opportunity or offering.

Are the Newspapers of America networks audited?

Absolutely. In addition to the circulation audits conducted by the newspaper networks themselves, circulation is also verified by the Circulation Verification Council, or CVC.

Do you guarantee results?

We never make a promise we can’t keep—so no, we don’t guarantee results. We do guarantee, however, you will receive all of the information we have available so you have everything you need to make the right advertising decision for you and your organization.