Creating your Landing Page – Things you should know and do

Landing pages are important to the success of your internet campaign. A well designed lead capture page can make all the difference in helping you gain more leads for your business. Before you start designing your landing page, know your audience and understand the goals and needs of the users who will be reaching your landing page. Anticipate the questions that they may have about your products or services. Knowing this will allow you to design a unique landing page that offers top notch customer experience for your visitors.

Here are additional things to consider when creating a landing page for your online business:

• Think of your business goals and tailor the design of your landing page according to it. The design should somehow convey the goals you are trying to achieve.

• Get to know your targeted audience by understanding what they wish to accomplish as soon as they arrive at your page. Anticipate their needs and why they are on your page. Considering these important points can help you create a visitor experience that could generate traffic and revenue.

• Think of the desired action of the visitor. What is the intended action that you want your visitors to achieve as soon as they arrive at your page? This may sound simple but unless you have a clear idea, your page can lose focus. The key element for defining conversion actions is that they must be measurable and have distinct value.

• What are the technical limitations of your targeted visitors? For instance, do they use iPhones or laptops? Creating a landing page that addresses these technical boundaries can enhance desired action of the visitor.

What are some of the valuable elements to a successful landing page?

Always check domain name availability. It is a good idea to verify the availability of the domain name. Better yet, check it prior to making a purchase. Not thoroughly checking it can affect your time to market your products and services.

STOP the mistakes of the past! Create a list of past strategies and ad campaigns that did not help your business. It is a good idea to track down problems with old campaigns and review them when you design your site. Doing so can help you save time and money.

Repeat as often your successes in the past.

Check in with your competitors frequently and see what they are doing to promote their products. Monitor what they are doing that brings traffic to their site. This can also give you some ideas on how to move your site.