Advantages of Print Advertising

For skeptics, the debate continues: Whether to advertise using print ads or invest solely in digital media. Despite the proliferation of digital advertisements, many continue to put their money on print advertising. Here’s why:

Lasting Impression:
Print advertising tends to linger longer in the consciousness of viewers and readers. Unlike ads on television and digital that have shorter influence on viewers.

Longer shelf life:

Magazines are not easily toss by readers. Most readers keep magazines for a long time and pass to family members and friends.


Print publications earn a following with readers when the contents are reliable and high quality.

Brand Recognition:

Magazines that provide reliable and up-to-date contents and advertisements will eventually build a roster of loyal readers. Reputable advertisements create brand recognition and can influence people to becoming clients.


Magazine ads perform better than digital advertising and generate the best results when helping consumers go through the initial process of their buying decision. For a small business looking to maximize return on investment for advertising, print advertising also outlasted both television and Internet advertising.

Tactile Sensation:

According to a number of studies print advertising is still a viable medium to advertise. The study also indicated that readers still prefer the printed word over digital media for a number of reasons: They have control on how long they can stay on a page and can easily go back to a page they would like to read. Many readers also like that they can touch and even smell the pages of the printed word.

What is the cost of print advertising?

The cost of print advertising depends on the publication, circulation, insertions and quantities. Depending on your budget, you can either go all out or go with what is necessary to get the word out about your business. The only drawback with a low budgeted ad is that you won't be getting major exposure from a local newspaper. Some businesses are finding value in multiple insertions in one magazine. However, this strategy is expensive. If you want to try this option, be prepared to spend a little more than what you intend to pay for print advertising.

What is the future of print advertising?

Despite the many advantages of print advertising, it is going to continue to decline in availability and use. With the proliferation of Kindle and many other gadgets that offer digital media, many bookshops have shifted to online advertisement where it is easily accessible to their followers. Newspapers and magazines continue to exhibit influence but its decline is eminent as many publishers and business owners continue their transition to digital forms. Finally, the question we should try to answer is whether print advertising is here to stay but rather how fast its disappearance and if any, what are the transformation that it will undergo as more and more print is available online.