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Specializing in print advertising placement in leading newspaper networks.

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Newspapers of America was founded by Joshua Hyman in October of 1997. From that first day, Josh’s philosophy—and our corporate philosophy—has been a simple one: get our clients’ ads placed in the right publications at the right price. We have developed relationships with the best regional and newspaper networks in the United States, meaning we are able to get pricing unavailable to non-brokers (and even some other network advertising brokers.)

But pricing isn’t the only thing that it’s important to us…and it shouldn’t be to you either.

Putting it bluntly, working with Newspapers of America means working with a company that’s committed to eliminating all the BS that can come with placing classified or display advertising on a national level. We don’t change the names of our network partners because we want our clients to know exactly who they’re working with and what they’ll expect to get every time they place an ad through us. Newspapers of America doesn’t mix and match networks unless you ask us to because it’ll usually increase your costs without giving you a significant benefit.

We don’t do gimmicks, we don’t have a hidden agenda. Using Newspapers of America as your classified and display ad placement resource means you see what you get, and you get what you see. Plain and simple. From our billing to our reporting, our clients remain informed every step of the way, with no unexpected surprises.

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